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Participation in the largest club of its kind

We are working feverishly to add as many top quality businesses to our National and International Discount Networks as possible. Our goal is to expand to all categories of public consumerism, in the hopes that we can make every consumer’s life a little easier, and a little more affordable.

     To be considered for submission within our network we ask that your company provide to our members a discount that is greater than what the public receives. You will have the option to upload custom coupons that our members can print and bring into your establishment, but it can’t be the same coupon that is available in your local paper or publicly online. Create internal links, or promo codes to promote your discount. It is important that your discount be greater than what is offered to the public, failure to do so will result in your company’s removal from our Discount Network.

     All submissions are considered based on the discount offered. Please fill out the form below, and one of our quality control representatives will research your submission. If your submission falls within our guidelines then we will approve your listing and make it available to our members.

Choose from one of the options below:

Online Submission - This process will only take you a few minutes

Email us your submission - We will do the rest

Fax us your submission - [PDF form]


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